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Intergration of Print and Digital design in the future

Print and digital in future

Where and how do these two meet? what will happen in the future if they continue working hand in hand?  Well, both designs play an important role in our lives, is only fair they combine forces to enhance user experience. Few examples where print meet with digital is QR code (code read by an imaging device, such as the camera on your mobile phone, and launches a browser that brings the user directly to the intended URL), image recognition and Augmented Interactive print.

This blog focuses more on augmented Interactive print which is defined as combination of a  format (print, web, disc, video, audio, etc.) that allow users to interact with content.

But why should digital and print be integrated?to name a few:  Marketing,saving resources etc besides, we all need to keep up with this evolving technology. According to the drum the integration of print and digital has been proven to increase response rates and assurance that message is received in all channels. Both printed and digital communications have many benefits in future brand owners should look to identify how they can take the strengths of both mediums to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns.

This Augmented Reality Business Card  showcases an interesting way business cards will be structured in future. See example Business card, cool right? Also, the  published magazines that are linked to someone’s account, user can like the outfits by just clicking the like button in the magazine.Magazine like buttons. I have no doubt in my mind that these two(print and digital) work so well together and what they go be like in the future is beyond our imagination.


Another example of print meeting digital

Both platforms are equally important and integration of these two in future most definitely will boost user’s experience as it would in a company’s finances.I prefer  reading hard copies but I always  fall asleep whenever am reading one due to the fact that there’s no interaction. Digital reading is also bad for the eyes, however integration of the two is best for everyone.




What is the relationship between relationship between colour and emotion

Colour is used on a daily basis, most of our decisions are influenced by perception of colour. So what is colour?  Colour is the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.  Colour is always associated with emotions because that’s how the world perceives it. This blog entails the relationship between colour and emotions.

Colour and emotions

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Layout Redesign

LAS -Property  Development & Consulting Company


LAS webpage

The LAS webpage

LAS is a property development & consulting company that offers the following services: Project management, Property Development services and Quantity surveying. I am now going to tell you how I redesigned their homepage using the design principles I learnt in Multimedia design. Read More

Impact of graphic design has on how we interact with modern forms of media


Graphic design impact

Graphic design has a major impact on how we interact with modern forms of media since they mostly rely on graphical imaging. Graphical imaging would not exist without graphic design hence,  without graphic existence the media specifically visual media would not be as pleasing to the eye as it does right now. In essence this blog entails what graphic design (the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books) is about. It will briefly touch on how it has improved Television and Websites over the years. Read More