About me

Sandisiwe Tongo| Cape Town Western cape

Young, vibrant, black female animator

Get to know me.

As someone who is so keen on the ever-evolving technology and likes to keep up-to-date on what is going on around the world, I always thought I would end up in journalism or public relations or any career that would require me to chase a story, research and talk a lot. Instead, I fell in love with animation (especially 3D animation) while studying Information Communication Technology. What exactly is animation?

Animation is defined as the technique of photographing consecutive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement.

I grew up in the Western Cape province, Cape Town and that is where it all began – the dream. The idea of combining a series of images in a sequence to create an illusion of movement caught my attention at first. However, what truly captured my heart in animation was the idea of knowing that you can manipulate the images in whatever way you see fit to create your own story. This can be done also through audio and sound effects to enhance and emphasize your story. There are few black female animators in this world, we need more. The idea of having all that freedom to recreate and tell a story is simply AMAZING.

I like to observe and analyse situations and I am always willing to learn no matter the circumstances and I am a great listener. I value education, loyalty, and networking with different kinds of people. I always reflect on what I did and what I can do better every now and then hence I want to be perceived as a reliable team player with a burning sensation to learn all there is to learn. While pursuing my studies in Information Communication Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology I’ve obtained so many skills and experience, these include but are not limited to; coding website using HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, working with Adobe Audition, photoshop, illustrator, after effects and adobe audition.

I am a genuine team player who is always up for a new challenge and solving problems, trustworthy at all costs and I take a great deal of joy in helping others to improve themselves and the ones around them. In addition, helping others is a second nature and that is what makes me stand out from the rest.