What does visual literacy mean to me?

What is visual literacy?

This blog entails what visual literacy means to me. Brian Kenned defines it as “the ability to construct meaning from images, it’s not a skill, and it uses skill as a tool box. It is a form of critical thinking that enhances your intellectual capacity”.


Why should I be visual literate?

Being able to to make meaning out of graphically element is important because we live in a visual-oriented society. According to InfoMed open college  the  researchers, educators, museum professionals, filmmakers and artists admitted that visual literacy can develop one’s creativity, critical thinking, educational accomplishment, and ability to decipher technology. We need to be visual literate because we should be able to design or interpret a picture with a visual narrative.

Bill Kennedy from Toledo museum of Art is currently conducting research on how visual literacy affects the way students think. “Nearly 30% of the brain’s cortex is devoted to visual processing, 90%  of all the information we take in from the world we take in visually” .


If you think you are not  visual literate,  just follow these easy steps next time you see a picture.


Art is way of expression when a photographer uses too much light in the photographs you feel a certain type of way about the photograph, or a certain colour and that changes the way you interpret that picture, because now you will have to consider the amount of light, frame(where is the subject placed), the amount of hue used, colours and contrast.

I remember what I see more than what I am told, imagine if primary school  would start implementing this type of language to the young minds, they would grow up smarter, visual literacy improves you intellectual capacity. We understand sign language before we understand printed.


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  1. asipe · April 4, 2016

    Word girl!


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