Layout Redesign

LAS -Property  Development & Consulting Company


LAS webpage

The LAS webpage

LAS is a property development & consulting company that offers the following services: Project management, Property Development services and Quantity surveying. I am now going to tell you how I redesigned their homepage using the design principles I learnt in Multimedia design.

A Logo of a company is very important  because it is a trademark of a company, that’s why I started off by aligning the logo on the top right-hand corner of the webpage because that’s the first place a human eye looks at a web page. According to webDesign.tutplus the human eye usually follows the Z pattern when reading (start from top-right of the page ending at bottom left) because it addresses the main requirements for any functioning website, important elements should found in a Z pattern in a web page.


The human eye follows exactly the Z pattern when reading. To read more on this please follow the link   Understanding the Z-Layout in Web Design

The audience should be able to find what they are looking for in few clicks hence, I reduced the number of headings in the navigation bar because too many headings tend to confuse the user, no one likes too much reading when visiting a website. A cluttered web page upsets the user as they will not be able to differentiate between important information from less important info in a web page, therefore  they won’t know where to first look, that is why I am improved accessibility and readability of this web page by removing all unnecessary information, that includes the two paragraphs below the “request call” box.

Social media icons will be placed at the top right-hand corner of the page because The human eye is automatically drawn to certain points of interest in a web page, the eye follows the Z pattern when reading, so from the logo a user will see the difference platforms of social media icons at the top left-hand corner of the webpage.

The idea is make use of hierarchy design to improve this website whereby I will use the “request dialogue box” as my focal point. According to TNW news, the goal of this design is to promote a specific content, to encourage user sign-ups and call-to-action, this  design basically improves the overall experience of users, so they enjoy the visit further than achieving their goal.


Hierarchy design helps you structure your elements, the one at the bottom is more important than the rest

Apart from the services LAS offers, this company is  committed on its “Green office” policy whereby they oversee their responsibilities such as reduced paper consumption, recycling etc. With that being said  I choose to use these colours: green,tan and white. Green is associated with nature as it compliments the company’s green office policy, in terms of a user will not have to browse through a website to know that the company is committed to this kind of policy.

In research most companies similar to (LAS),  usually entails a hero image of a building, happy families or just house decorations. Therefore I’ll add sliders of 3 or 4 images (current image included) instead of one hero image. The main reason for this is because it showcase other significant services the company offers, including the green office policy.

 Adam Wallace from Argue that sliders are terrible for mobile as images take some time to load. I agree with this especially when the images are not optimised however The sliders make the webpage more appealing to the audience. You can also show more than 2 images above the fold all at once.


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