Impact of graphic design has on how we interact with modern forms of media


Graphic design impact

Graphic design has a major impact on how we interact with modern forms of media since they mostly rely on graphical imaging. Graphical imaging would not exist without graphic design hence,  without graphic existence the media specifically visual media would not be as pleasing to the eye as it does right now. In essence this blog entails what graphic design (the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books) is about. It will briefly touch on how it has improved Television and Websites over the years.

Furthermore, a poster with a bunch of text would not spark any interest in the audience as  one with text and graphics would. TV logos are made using graphic design,  we would not be able to identify  which station it is without a logo on the screen (without graphic design good logos would not exist) –imagine if we had to wait until the advert time for us to know what channel it is.


Thanks to graphic design and logos, we are able to see which channel we watching

TV relies on visual technology such as photography, filming and graphics- without these three elements TV would simply be radio on a screen. Graphic design is the useful and significant element of visual communication. According to paulrobertlloyd the TV quality in 1936 was awful back then it was just black and white pictures but now people can have access to their TV shows whenever,given that they can watch TV from their tablets/smart phones(high resolution) this is all due to advancements in graphic design.

tv_1 (1)

Web design would be just boring without graphic design as we would fall asleep whenever we visits websites because web design is based on the use of graphics, colour ,font etc. In addition, people mostly remember what they see more than what they told or hear .

I know I remember mostly what I do and see, and graphic design has given me that opportunity where there’s interaction between media and I. If it was not for graphic design everything would still be in black and white.Graphic design has changed the game; advertising is easier now, visual media brings fun/spark in a plain text. I cannot imagine how media would be like without graphic design.



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